Critical Multiculturalism: Theory and Practice (Book Review)

Excerpt from review:

Popular support for multicultural education has withered, undermined by test-driven educational policies, homogenizing academic standards, and eroding commitments to affirmative action and bilingual education. “For many, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity are no longer something to be celebrated, but rather feared” (p 1).

Book: Critical Multiculturalism: Theory and Praxis by Stephen May and Christine E. Sleeter (eds.)  Routledge, New York  ISBN: 0415802857, Pages: 232, Year: 2010

Source (Book Review): Lois Myer. Critical Multiculturalism: Theory and Praxis. Teachers College Record, Date Published: February 17, 2011 ID Number: 16343, Date Accessed: 9/16/2016 6:11:50 PM

Note: Content and resources for the education researcher


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