DO-IT Pals: Linking Teens Together

DO-IT Pals is an electronic community of teens with disabilities planning for college and careers. They engage with each other, mentors, and DO-IT Staff and learn about useful resources.

What’s expected of DO-IT Pals?

DO-IT Pals come from all over the world. Most activities take place online. DO-IT Pals:

  • Log on to the Internet at least once per week.
  • Regularly communicate with DO-IT Pals and Mentors.
  • Send an email message to the doitpals or doitchat list at least once every two weeks.
  • Send greetings to new DO-IT Pals, and other new participants when they are introduced online.
  • Use online resources in classes at school (for example, to obtain information to use in class papers, projects, or discussions).
  • Attend DO-IT events when possible.

What happens when DO-IT Pals graduate from high school?

DO-IT Pal who graduates from high school can become a DO-IT Mentor. A DO-IT Mentor helps with program activities, participates in electronic communications, and mentors younger DO-IT participants. DO-IT Mentor Application.

Source: DO-IT Pals Homepage


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