Learning should be energizing and self-affirming.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true for many students whose innate or developed talents or life circumstances prevent them from doing well in today’s high-stakes, test-driven and competition-based learning environments.  Rather than leave such students behind and in perpetual catch-up mode, why not give them what they need:  understanding, support, resources, tools, guidance and encouragement with tasks that use their strengths, whatever they might be?  Too often, people whose talents are necessary for us to function and enjoy our lives are under-appreciated by society at-large because, ironically, their skills aren’t emphasized nor rewarded in our schools, where we receive so much of our social mores.

Unless we value all ways of knowing, today’s struggling student will have to work hard to overcome the unflattering messages she or he receives from peers, parents, teachers, communities and the outside world.  This site will offer resources for those of us who want all students to be recognized for their unique perspective and contributions–and to be honored for their strengths and contributions.  Humanity is best served by giving everyone an opportunity to shine…not only a few.

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