Learning should be energizing and self-affirming.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true for many students who are taught in ways other than what comes naturally to them. These “atypical” learners may have a physical, intellectual, sensory, attentional, cognitive or other impairment that obstructs the way the receive, interpret or convey messages, or they may relate to information more easily if it incorporated their “natural” talents and interests.   For example, a musically oriented student would be able to learn material better if it were presented as a jazz chant or a song.   A “born” naturalist might find subjects more engaging if the animal kingdom, plant life or something about our environment were taken into consideration.  Similarly, extistential learners would focus more intently on lessons if it offered something inspiring that they could incorporate into their daily life and if philosophical discussions were added to the curriculum. Intrapersonal learners need time to consider how they think about the material so they can fully grasp its meaning and significance to them–not what it means to someone else.  Students raised in non-English speaking households, limited resources or in nonnurturing environments also fall behind their peers if left alone to their own resources to learn without having lessons taylored to their needs.

Unless we value all ways of knowing, today’s struggling student will have to work harder than their peers simply to make the grade and feel good about themselves.   This site is dedicated to spreading awareness about all ways of knowing and being so that all persons’ have an equal opportunity to learn and be recognized/valued for what they can do, know and offer to the classroom, in the workforce and to their community. Humanity is best served by giving everyone a chance to shine…not only a few.

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